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Contract Voting Information

AFSCME COUNCIL 5 PROCEDURES FOR CONTRACT RATIFICATION - MAIL BALLOT (UNIT 8) 2015 – 2017 State Master Agreement Timeline: November 13 Notify locals/members they may request mail ballot Nov. 13 - 20: Time frame for members to request mail ballots November 20: Last Day for receipt of mail ballot request forms – date stamped November 23: Mailing of mail ballots Nov 30 – Dec 4: On-site balloting December. 3: Deadline for mail ballots to be received at the SSP Council 5 office – by end of day December 4: BALLOT COUNT ?NOTIFICATION to request mail ballot: 1. Mailing to local union presidents - enclosing several request forms; 2. Council 5 Website; form available to download and print from web; 3. Negotiator’s Report/Action Update. ?How members RECEIVE Mail Ballot Request Form: 1. Get forms from local president; 2. Download and print from website; 3. Fax request to Council Office (attn: Melinda Pearson - she can mail or fax form back); 4. Phone call to Council Office (ask for Melinda Pearson - she can mail or fax form back); 5. Pick up form at Council Office; 6. NO REQUESTS VIA EMAIL. FIRM DEADLINE OF Friday November 20, by which REQUEST FORMS may be post marked to Council Office. Melinda Pearson is to handle requests that come to the Council Office for the forms - she will either mail or fax them the mail ballot request form if requested. ?How members RETURN Mail Ballot Request Form: 2 1. Mail to Council 5 Office - attn: Melinda Pearson; 2. Fax to Council 5 Office - attn: Melinda Pearson; 3. Drop off at Council 5 Office - attn: Melinda Pearson (Note: it is permissible for members to send in their request forms with another member; however, staff shall NOT assume responsibility to return form for a member.); 4. NO E-MAIL BACK OF REQUEST FORM. Melinda Pearson to handle RECEIPT of mail ballot request forms and will code in database for label and list preparation. ?How Mail Ballots are RETURNED by members: ONLY ONE WAY: All ballots must be mailed via U.S. mail to the AFSCME Council 5 South St. Paul office, located at 300 Hardman Ave. South, South St. Paul, MN 55075. Ballots cannot be dropped off at the Council 5 Office address - these will be VOID. ?Mail Ballot CONTENTS: 1. Outside envelope (size 9 x 12) addressed and sent to member at address requested on form (home or alternate address); printed on front of envelope “mail ballot enclosed”; 2. Return envelope (size #10); pre-addressed, pre-paid to the SSP AFSCME Council 5 office; and member’s name and home or alternate address printed from Council 5 database in upper left corner of return envelope. 3. Small ballot envelope; 4. Ballot (identical to ballot used for on-site balloting); 5. Ballot instructions; 6. Negotiations Assembly Recommendation (from November 10, 2015); 7. Tentative agreement summary and mediator’s proposal; 8. Fair shares to include a membership card and additional instruction sheet to fill out card and return with ballot. ?Voting Instructions to be included with Mail Ballot: After reading thoroughly the enclosed Contract Summary and Recommendation of the Negotiations Assembly, follow these voting instructions: 1. Mark your ballot; 2. Fold your ballot and insert in the small white envelope marked “BALLOT” and seal; 3. Insert BALLOT envelope in the postage-paid, pre-addressed PO Box envelope and seal; 4. Note: your name and current home address appear in the upper left corner of postage-paid return envelope. This is so your membership can be verified when the ballot is returned. To protect the anonymous ballot, the envelope with the name on it is opened and separated from the ballot envelope. Ballot envelopes are then opened later and counted. Your ballot will NOT be counted if your name is not on the reply envelope (I.e., label altered), as member cannot be verified. Additionally, if our records indicate you vote in person at one of the on-site locations, your mail ballot will NOT be counted. 5. Mail your ballot in the postage-paid, pre-addressed envelope. 6. BALLOTS MUST BE RECEIVED AT THE AFSCME COUNCIL 5 OFFICE BY Thursday, December 3, 2015. Ballots MUST come through U.S. postal mail. 3 ?Procedure for sending Mail Ballot to FAIR SHARES: If it is determined the mail ballot request is from a fair share, as verified in the Council 5 database, a mail ballot will be mailed to that individual, along with a membership card application and separate communication that in order for them to be eligible to vote, they must complete the enclosed application and become a full-dues paying member. The membership card must be returned, along with the completed mail ballot, enclosed in the size #10 envelope along with the small “BALLOT” envelope. Fair shares receiving a mail ballot will have an identification (FB) on their return address label to identify that upon return of the ballot, they enclose the membership application. Failure to enclose the membership application leaves the ballot VOID (and not counted). ?Office Procedure and use of Council 5 database for Mail Ballot Procedure: All mail ballot request forms shall be date-stamped upon receipt in the Council 5 Office. Upon receiving the mail ballot request form, membership status is certified from the database and added to a list in UW. The Member requests and the Fair Share requests will be pulled and mailed separately (same day) to assure proper contents. (*=if a member requests an alternate address as the mail ballot address, this alternate address shall be substituted in place of home address; however, the current home address shall be used on the return envelope for member verification purposes.) AFSCME Council 5, AFL-CIO - REQUEST FOR MAIL BALLOT 2015 - 2017 State Agreement (UNIT 8 ONLY) (In accordance with the policy and procedures established by the Executive Board, a member MUST complete in full, and return this form to the Council 5 Office in order to receive a mail ballot. All mail ballot request forms must be received in the Council 5 Office NO LATER THAN 4:00 PM on November 20, 2015.)

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